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Amid a Year of Great Change, Consumer Confidence Finished on a High Note in Most Markets

Global consumer confidence increased modestly in 2016, a time of great political and buy cialis online economic change around the world, rising three points between the first and fourth quarters to 101. Confidence scores finished the year more strongly than they began in every region except Africa/Middle East.

Super Bowl LI: A National Holiday, But a Win in Local Markets

It’s an annual tradition and no secret that the Super Bowl reaches people far and wide across the U.S. So how did this year’s game perform throughout local markets?

Understanding the Keys to Higher ROI in Spanish-Language TV

Fifty-four percent of Spanish language TV campaigns perform in line with or ahead of English language campaigns. But while many Spanish-language ads perform in line with market averages, there’s plenty of room for improvement.

Capitalizing on Consumers’ Increased Focus on Health and Wellness

Going to regularly scheduled doctor’s visits, choosing careful diets and exercising throughout the week are still useful tactics in managing a healthy lifestyle, but many Americans today are much more mindful of other factors when it comes to managing their health.


How Music’s Biggest Night Affects Music Sales

Last Sunday’s Grammy Awards telecast showcased some of the biggest artists, albums and songs of the year. And while all the nominees saw some degree of sales and clomid spain purchase streaming increases, the real beneficiaries were the performers—regardless of whether or not they won.

Perspectives: Product Reference Data, the Oil in the Digital Business Engine

Unconstrained by physical walls, e-commerce retailers offer a huge inventory of products in endless aisles. Unfortunately, our physical world product coding processes can’t scale to e-commerce: they’re too costly and too slow.

NASCAR’s Super Bowl Sunday: The Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is among the most prestigious events in motorsports, along with the Indianapolis 500, Monaco Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The big race also ranks among America’s top 10 “can’t miss” sports events.

How U.S. Consumers Use Fresh Foods to Manage Their Chronic Ailments

Forty-eight million households in the U.S. have an ailment sufferer who manages their condition with diet. Additionally, 60% of Americans say they make conscious dietary choices to help prevent conditions like obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol

Meet the Connected Spender, Digital Consumer of the Future

As technology revolutionizes shopping, it’s creating a new consumer demographic—one that’s plugged in, ready to spend and at the forefront of consumer trends. Meet the Connected Spender.

News Radio, the Talk of the Town

During election years, Americans are eager to stay up-to-date with information regarding the presidential race to the White House. Not surprisingly, more listeners tune in to News Radio during these years in their effort to stay informed.

Multicultural Consumers: Refreshing the Retail Landscape

With this rise in population, African American, Asian American and Hispanic consumers collectively are influencing a variety of product categories and industries, including fresh foods.

No Bones About it: The Pet Category is a Real Growth Opportunity

Pets today are more a part of the American family than ever. And as a result, pet owners are increasingly interested in pet food options that address many of the same health concerns that are influencing human food production.

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