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Perspectives: How to Make a Good Chatbot

Your kid tore his favorite pair of jeans and buy cialis online you need to know if your local store will be open after work so you can pick up a replacement pair. If only you had a personal shopper who could find out what time the store closes.

Finding the Surge in Summer Radio Listening

Americans are deep into the summer season now, and as the days slowly begin to draw shorter, there’s a lot to examine in Nielsen’s June portable people meter insights.

Sponsors Score Early in Major League Soccer Season

Soccer has steadily gained a following in the U.S. over the last few years.

Youth Movement: Gen Z Boasts the Largest, Most Diverse Media Users Yet

Millennial and Generation Z consumers display similar tastes for emerging technologies but those preferences are partly dictated by their corresponding life stages.

Fresh Products Drive Total Store Success

Across the brick-and-mortar space, leading fresh departments have become destinations for consumers. In fact, retailers with well-established fresh departments and products are using these offerings as differentiators to drive growth across the entire store—and that’s something all retailers can learn from.

Americans Are Scooping Up Better-for-You Sweetness for National Ice Cream Month

Summertime is officially underway, and with warmer weather, comes colder sweet treats to keep cool. This month, consumers around the country are indulging in ice cream to celebrate National Ice Cream Month.

The Continued Evolution of Deli Prepared Foods

For today’s consumers, an on-the-go lifestyle leaves less time to prepare traditional meals they may have grown up with. Grocery stores continue to provide an abundance of deli-prepared options that require no additional prep-time and are ready to eat.

Perspectives: The Faceless Battle With Voice

FMCG success today is now dependent on quality product images, solid SEO and prominent placement on e-tailer websites—far more so than simply having an abundant quantity or variety on the shelf at the local store.

2017 Is Shaping Up to be the Year of Music Streaming

On-demand audio streams have reached more than 184 billion so far in 2017, a considerable 62.4% increase over the same period last year.

The Impact of Your Sandwich Staple as Consumer Needs Evolve

It’s likely that the average consumer doesn’t give much thought to their everyday lunchtime sandwich or the deli tray at summertime barbecues. Not to be overlooked, however, the meat department and the deli counter represent a $9 billion industry in the U.S.

For the Love of Country

Country music is a truly American phenomenon that has grown immensely popular over the last decade—particularly on the radio. In fact, 13.6% of all radio listening in the U.S. went to a Country-formatted station last year.

Tradition & Technology Meet During Major League Baseball All-Star Week

When it comes to sports, Nielsen Sports SponsorLink research has found that fans associate the word “traditional” with Major League Baseball more so than any other sport. “American” is the most popular attribute fans use to describe baseball, followed by “traditional,” “family oriented,” “entertaining” and “fun.”

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