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    8.5 Generation Consoles Level Up the U.S Video Game Industry

    From a content perspective, the storylines from the U.S. video game industry were nothing short of compelling last year, with subjects ranging from the first-person shooter excitement of Overwatch to the location-based augmented reality phenomenon Pokémon Go.

    Virtual Empathy: How 360-Degree Video Can Boost the Efforts of Non-Profits

    On the heels of Nielsen’s Global Impact Day, an annual cross-company annual day of service, Nielsen conducted a pro bono analysis to help non-profit organizations make better use of virtual reality as they engage audiences.

    Connecting—and Protecting—the Big Investment: How Consumers Use Technology to Secure Their Homes

    Across the connected home landscape, the most-used technologies include home automation, wireless home security, smart wireless sound system/speakers and connected appliances. The most used daily home automation features include lighting control, garage door/gate control and access monitoring and control.

    The Alcoholic Beverage Opportunity: Understanding Boomer and Millennial Shopping Behavior

    A recent category shopping fundamentals study delved into how impulsive Millennial shopping behaviors are when it comes to alcoholic beverages. And possibly surprising to some, the study found that Millennials aren’t the most impulsive shopper group.

    One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer: the Adult Beverage Choices of Kentucky Derby Fans

    With bourbon whiskey being a key ingredient of the mint julep, the traditional beverage of the Kentucky Derby, it should come as no surprise that race viewers’ consumption of whiskey rises in May. But what other adult beverages do Kentucky Derby fans enjoy?

    Perspectives: Drug Stores Need to Make Healthy Living Habitual

    As retailers ramp up their health and wellness offerings, and the lines between channels blurs, it’s interesting to think about the role that drug stores will play in an increasingly crowded, wellness-oriented marketplace.

    Americans Spice Up Flavor Palates and Beverages for Cinco de Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo is just days away, and when it comes to fresh and packaged food, as well as alcoholic beverages (for legal-aged drinkers, 21+), Mexican-inspired spices, flavors and drinks dominate.

    E-commerce is Fueling U.S. Retail Growth and Omni-Shopper Opportunities

    Through the first three quarters of last year, e-commerce represented an average of 8.1% of total U.S. retail sales. The pace of growth is increasing, however, and Nielsen projects that grocery e-commerce will grow at a combined average growth rate of 12.2% through 2020.

    Reflecting on the U.S. Radio Listening Trends of the First Quarter

    A quarter of the year is now complete for radio measurement in larger U.S. markets—and Nielsen’s March portable people meter (PPM) ratings present the opportunity to take stock of the changes shaping the radio landscape as the middle of the year draws closer.

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