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    Stinginess in the connection economy

    When six people are trying to split a pizza, some stinginess appears. After all, more for one person is less for the other five.


    Is This Radio Music Host Just Being Honest or Just Being Dumb?

    A Loyal Reader Writes: Is it okay to say that you don’t like a song a listener called in and requested? I’m only asking because I have a fellow broadcaster who sees nothing wrong with this, and I see it as alienating your radio audience (or at least a small portion of it). Dan Replies: Lacking further details, let’s assume we’re talking about: – A mainstream music station – A show that’s part of the station’s overall music programming (not a specialty show) – A jock whose primary job is to present the music show. To listeners, the music is the big draw…not that particular host

    Groucho runs deep

    Groucho Marx famously said, “I don’t want to be a member of any club that would have me.” Thanks to our connection economy, the membership rolls are now wide open, but the problem isn’t declining. There are so many communities that want you. So many opportunities to connect, to learn, to leap. Some communities have skills and want to share them with you. And other ones need you to teach

    The middle of everywhere

    If the railroad didn’t make it to your town, or if the highway didn’t have an exit, or if you were somehow off the beaten path, we wrote you off. Your town was in the middle of nowhere. Now, of course, if wireless signal can reach you, you’re now in the middle of everywhere, aren’t you?             

    When time catches up

    And it always does. Bad decisions happen for one of two reasons: A. You’re in a huge hurry and you can’t process all the incoming properly. But more common… B.

    "It’s not my problem"

    But what if it was? What if the apparently intractable cultural issues that you take for granted were instead seen as problems on your desk, things you could influence? What if the rules others take for granted are seen by you and your team as standards you can change

    Catching up with podcasts

    Emma Gannon , with a focus on new careers. Talking lawyers . On marketing with the insightful Sonia Simone on Rainmaker. Elin Barton on thin ice . Reid and June have a new podcast about scale


    This is not the same as reality. But without belief in the possibility, your reality is going to be severely curtailed.

    Ripley’s Believe It Or Not: What Sinclair-Tribune Looks Like Is Massive

    By Adam Jacobson via RBR + TVBR INFOCUS Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Talented Mr. Ripley — President/CEO Chris Ripley, that is — hosted an 11am conference call with financial analysts on Wall Street just two hours after an announcement confirming that the Baltimore-based media company had agreed to a merger with Tribune Media Co. valued at a whopping $6.6 billion, including the assumption of approximately $2.7 billion in net debt. Simply stated, Ripley will be overseeing — by far — the largest broadcast TV company in the U.S., with combined revenue of $4.3 billion.

    Tension vs. fear

    Fear’s a dream killer. It puts people into suspended animation, holding their breath, paralyzed and unable to move forward. Fear is present in many education settings, because fear’s a cheap way to ensure compliance

    Without a sail

    A sailboat without a sail might float.  For a long time, in fact. But without a sail, it can’t go anywhere, can’t fulfill its function. Floating is insufficient.             

    In defense of the tree emoji

    The boom emoji gets a lot of play. It happened. It worked.

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