Three Angels Deal Delayed At Buyer’s Request


    In October 2016,  Three Angels Broadcasting  agreed to sell a group of television stations to  EICB-TV  for the purchase price of $3.2 million. A $100,000 deposit was to made by EICB to Three Angels, known colloquially as “3AB.” This broker-free deal involved the transfer of roughly 70 stations, and it is now known that EICB requested more time, to get its finances in order. In an amendment filed with the Commission this week, the  Randall Weiss- led EICB successfully led 3AB to extend the date for filing a transfer application with the FCC until March 1. In doing so, EICB will pay 3AB a second $100,000 deposit; the first one was immediately due as of March 1

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    Three Angels Deal Delayed At Buyer’s Request

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