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    How to Engage Ears and Elevate Experiences

    NEW YORK — Looking for ways to create engaging, rewarding connections that lead to listener loyalty? Make plans to attend Radio’s Financial Summit Forecast 2018. A session devoted to the topic is on the schedule, with  Caroline Beasley , CEO of Beasley Media Group, conducting a candid one-on-one conversation with Momentum Worldwide CEO Chris Weil . Weil will share his perspective on “what radio needs to know about branding,” and how to make it an even more personal, relatable, and memorable experience for advertisers and listeners. Radio’s Financial Summit Forecast 2018 will be held on November 15 at the Harvard Club in midtown Manhattan

    Westwood One Adds ‘ViewPoint With Bakari Sellers’ Podcast With Hillary Clinton As Debut Guest

    Former Congressman BAKARI SELLERS (D-SC) is launching a new podcast via WESTWOOD ONE.  “VIEWPOINT WITH BAKARI SELLERS” will debut TOMORROW (9/20) with HILLARY CLINTON as a … more


    Pandora Succumbs To Video Ad Tuneout With ‘Plus’ Play

    You know those ads that pop up while patiently awaiting the content you really want to see? Many tune out after a few seconds, yet some advertisers have been billed for those “viewings.” Not anymore at  Pandora , thanks to the introduction of a new policy that will see clients only pay for ads when users watch at least 15 seconds of it.

    No Second Thoughts: Mike Francesa Confirms He’s Leaving WFAN/New York On December 15th

    MIKE FRANCESA has announced that he will not change his plans and will be leaving CBS RADIO Sports WFAN-A-F/NEW YORK on DECEMBER 15th. FRANCESA’s plans to depart his longtime radio home … more


    The Implications Of ‘Adverse Special Interest Legislation’

    As the old adage goes, what is one man’s trash is another one’s treasure. For featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner , a rescue from the trash heap of some old radio station equipment led to a radio show. The radio show opened Benner’s eyes to just how things may work in Washington, sparking a fire under his belly that continues today, at age 80

    XAPPmedia and SoCast Partner

    Radio stations on the SoCast platform can now utilize voice-activation functions from XAPPmedia

    IBC Conference Spotlights Electronic Media And Entertainment

    –ENDA W. CALDWELL Reporting The 50th annual IBC CONFERENCE concluded today at RAI CONFERENCE CENTER in AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, after it attracted 55,000 attendees from more than 170 … more

    A Record That Will Not Be Broken: Art Laboe Celebrates His 74th Consecutive Year On The Radio

    Radio icon ART LABOE will attempt to break the Guinness World Records™ for Longest career as a radio presenter/DJ (male) on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th, when he’ll begin his 74th … more

    Pai and Clyburn Met With Broadcasters, Emergency Responders in Miami

    Trip is opportunity to inspect damage inflicted by Hurricane Irma

    Townsquare Media/Portsmouth, NH Taps Joe Limardi As OM/Brand Manager

    Following last WEEK’s departure of JC COFFEY (NET NEWS 9/14), TOWNSQUARE MEDIA/PORTSMOUTH, NH has tapped JOE LIMARDI as OM/Brand Manager with programming oversight for the cluster’s … more

    Dave Ramsey to Host National Radio HoF Induction Ceremony

    Commercial free audio feed of ceremony will be exclusively available through TuneIn.

    Radio Usage Is Now Stabilizing in Norway

    Over-the-air digital radio is used by 1.9 million people daily, corresponding to 72% of radio listeners and is thus by far the largest of the radio platforms

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