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    Two Florida Pirate FM Operators Fined $15,000 Each By FCC

    The FCC has fined another pair of alleged pirate radio operators in FLORIDA. WILNER LUNDI has been hit with a $15,000 fine for operating an unlicensed FM on 91.5 FM and 104.7 FM in LAKE … more

    More Details on FCC’s Upcoming Nationwide EAS Test Including August 28 Deadline to Update Information in ERTS Reporting System

    We wrote earlier this week about the upcoming EAS Nationwide Test and the need for broadcasters to make sure that their EAS equipment is operating in compliance with all FCC rules. The FCC itself has now released its own Public Notice detailing the many things that broadcasters need to check at their facilities before the upcoming test, including the need to update their information in the ERTS EAS reporting system by August 28. The FCC also issued a new EAS Handbook detailing broadcaster’s EAS obligations. The Public Notice notes that the EAS test will focus on the IPAWS internet-based system through which the common alerting protocol (“CAPS”) alert is sent – a system that was mandated a few years ago as an additional way for alerts to be conveyed to stations to supplement the traditional “daisy-chain” of alerts being passed from one broadcast station to another (see our articles here , here and here )

    Virginia AM Sold

    WORLD MEDIA BROADCAST COMPANY is selling Variety WCLM-A/HIGHLAND SPRINGS, VA to MOBILE RADIO PARTNERS, INC. for $75,000. In other filings with the FCC, SOUND COMMUNICATIONS, LLC is swapping … more

    FCC Faces Oversight And Reauthorization Hearing In House

    The FCC returned to CAPITOL HILL today for an oversight and reauthorization hearing before the House Communications and Technology Subcommittee.  Chairman AJIT PAI and Commissioners … more

    Proposed $66,000 Fine Reminds Broadcasters to Prepare for September Nationwide EAS Test

    FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) has notified the FCC that it will be conducting the next nationwide test of the EAS system on September 27, 2017 (with a back-up date of October 4, 2017 – in the event potential real emergencies make the earlier date one that could cause confusion). The FCC has updated its reporting system for stations to provide information about the success of the test (recently releasing these instructions to remind stations to create user names in the system), and should be better able to track station’s participation in the test. Thus, to make sure that you can report a successful test, this is a good time for stations to insure that they are monitoring the correct EAS sources as required by their state EAS plan, that they have their online EAS CAPS alert systems functional, and that they are properly receiving, conducting and logging their weekly and monthly tests. The consequences of not having a properly functioning EAS system were highlighted by a proposed fine announced last week – suggesting a $66,000 fine against an Alaskan noncommercial FM station for a variety of violations. Emphasized in the FCC’s order were the EAS failures of the station, including its failure to have an EAS Handbook at the control point for the station, the failure to monitor the correct EAS sources and the transmission of alerts meant to be sent by another station in a different EAS operational area

    Pai, Rosenworcel, Carr Questioned By Senate Commerce Committee

    FCC Chairman AJIT PAI and nominees JESSICA ROSENWORCEL and BRENDAN CARR appeared before the Senate Commerce Committee TODAY (7/19) as the Senate considers PAI’s renomination, … more

    FCC Proposes $66,000 Fine Against KIBH/Seward, AK For EAS And Other Violations

    An ALASKA radio station is facing a proposed $66,000 fine from the FCC for several violations, some of which the Commission said undermined the effectiveness of the Emergency Alert System. … more

    On Appeal, FCC Nixes Salem Cleveland Translator Plans

    The FCC has granted MEDIA-COM, INC.’s Petitions for Reconsideration challenging the grants of two FM translator modification applications by SALEM MEDIA GROUP-affiliated companies in … more

    Sold: Michigan Noncommercial FM, Translators In New Jersey, Georgia, Minnesota, Oklahoma

    NORTHERN CHRISTIAN RADIO, INC. is selling noncommercial Religion WHST (THE PROMISE FM)/TAWAS CITY, MI to CARROLL ENTERPRISES, INC. for a price redacted from the contract filed with the FCC.

    Alouette Prepares for Satellite Transition

    In 2017, satellite transmission for network of stations will undergo a monumental change

    Texas AM-Translator Combo Sold


    FCC Proposes Fine Against South Carolina AM For Late License Renewal Application

    The FCC has proposed a $1,500 fine against VOORHEES COLLEGE for a late license renewal application for Religion WVCD-A/BAMBERG-DENMARK, SC. The licensee failed to file its renewal due AUGUST … more

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