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    Making Good on Deregulation – FCC Proposes to Eliminate Main Studio Rules and Review All Other Broadcast Regulatory Requirements

    In his speech at the NAB Convention (available here ), Chairman Pai promised to pursue a broadcast regulatory regime that made sense in today’s competitive media environment. He promised to move quickly to eliminate a number of the unnecessary broadcast rules, and specifically to repeal the main studio rule (see our articles here and here about the current requirements for the operation and staffing of the main studio).  Yesterday, the FCC took its first steps to quickly fulfill those promises, releasing two draft orders to be considered at its May 18 meeting, one to repeal the main studio rule and the second announcing the opening of a proceeding to review all of the other rules that govern broadcasters except the ownership rules that are already under consideration in other proceedings (see our posts here and here about some of the ownership rules already under review).

    Update: Bill to Make Register of Copyrights a Presidential Appointee Approved by House of Representatives

    We wrote here about the Congressional proposal to make the Register of Copyrights a Presidential appointee subject to Congressional approval, rather than a selection of the Librarian of Congress. That bill, HR-1695 (an updated version of which is available here ), despite some expressed concerns from certain advocacy groups about the potentially making that position more partisan and political, was approved this week by the House of Representatives on a 378 to 48 vote. The next stop for this reform effort will be the Senate, where thus far legislation to accomplish that end has not been approved. Watch for further action there in coming months


    Illinois Moves To Implement Internet Privacy Safeguards

    Democratic lawmakers in Illinois are considering implementing their own internet safeguards at the state level after Republicans in Washington voted…

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