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    Cox Media Group Names Cathy Gunther Market VP/Tulsa & Dan Lawrie Market VP/Jacksonville

    Cox Media Group (CMG) has named Cathy Gunther as Market Vice President for Tulsa, Okla. and Dan Lawrie as Market Vice President for Jacksonville, Fla., effective immediately.

    CNBC’s Jim Cramer: Why The Market Is Totally Wrong About The CBS/Entercom Merger

    Jim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad Money aired a segment last Friday (9/15) touting the power and promise of the CBS Radio and Entercom merger. Cramer points out that the radio business has more potential than investors think and added that the Entercom/CBS merger is a fabulous buying opportunity. View the segment here:

    FCC Releases Draft AM Revitalization Order to Simplify Proofs of Performance

    Last week, the FCC released a draft of an order to simplify the proofing of AM stations . This order will be considered at the FCC’s September 26 meeting. While the proposals to be adopted are part of the AM Revitalization proceeding, even the Commission recognizes that these are not fundamental changes in the way that stations operate, but instead technical changes that can, hopefully, save some AM stations some money. The FCC also noted that it was removing proposals for changes in the AM main studio rules from the AM Revitalization proceeding as these changes are already being considered in the proceeding proposing to entirely eliminate the main studio rules (see our post here ).

    New All Access Columns Are A Breeze To Read!

    It’s WEDNESDAY — time once again for some fresh, new columns … exclusively on ALL ACCESS! * THE POWER PLAYER: ALL ACCESS News Editor JEFF SILBERMAN interviews ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC … more

    Recordkeeping Rules for Third-Party Fundraising by Noncommercial Broadcasters to be Effective November 13, 2017

    In July, we wrote about the effective date of the FCC’s new rules allowing non-CPB noncommercial stations to interrupt their normal programming to raise funds for third-party charitable and non-profit organizations (we wrote here about the decision itself), for up to 1% of their total airtime. In July, we noted that the new rules on the recordkeeping requirements about these fundraising efforts had not yet gone into effect, as they needed to be approved by the Office of Management and Budget under the Paperwork Reduction Act. Yesterday’s Federal Register announced that this approval has been received, and the paperwork rules will go into effect on November 13. The new rules require on-air disclosures at the beginning and end of any fundraising appeal where the station tells its audience that the money is going to a third-party, not to the station. That announcement must be made at least hourly for longer fund-raising appeals.

    KPHW (Power 104.3)/Honolulu PD/mornings KC Bejerana Steps Away

    SUMMITMEDIA Top 40/Rhythmic KPHW (POWER 104.3)/HONOLULU PD/morning host KC BEJERANA has left the building.  BEJERANA had been with the station 20 years.   BEJERANA tells ALL ACCESS, … more

    Tino Cochino Radio Adds Two New Affiliates

    The syndicated TINO COCHINO RADIO show adds two new affiliates on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th. RIVIERA Top 40/Rhythmic KKFR (POWER 98.3 & 96.1)/PHOENIX-based TINO COCHINO RADIO debuts MONDAY … more

    FCC Issues Guidance for Broadcasters and Other Regulated Services in the Path of Hurricane Irma

    The FCC has issued a series of public notices to broadcasters and other FCC regulated entities in the path of Hurricane Irma. General guidance was issued by the FCC, here , discussing how stations can get special temporary authority to operate with facilities different than those specified in their licenses by email or even by telephone during the emergency. This may be particularly important if stations towers or antennas are damaged by the storm and, to continue service, stations need to use alternate facilities. During the recent Texas Hurricane harvey, the FCC even issued some daytime only AM stations authority to temporarily operate with nighttime operations where they were providing emergency information. If STAs are needed, the public notice provides information about where to call or email The FCC has also activated its Disaster Information Reporting System for the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico , and is likely to extend it to portions of Florida in the near future

    New All Access Columns Comin’ On, Hot And Heavy!

    It’s WEDNESDAY — time once again for some fresh, new columns … exclusively on ALL ACCESS! * THE POWER PLAYER: ALL ACCESS Editor ROY TRAKIN interviews LAVA RECORDS/LAVA MUSIC PUBLISHING … more

    Houston Radio Broadcasters Hurricane Harvey Relief

    Houston Radio Broadcasters Band Together to Raise Funds for the Houston Food Bank.

    FCC Regulatory Fees Due By September 26

    The FCC late yesterday released an Order setting the amount of FY2017 Annual Regulatory fees, along with a public notice setting September 26 as the deadline for those fees. Reg fees may be paid now through September 26. If not paid by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on that date, penalties of 25% will be assessed. In addition, applications by any licensee that has not paid its fees may be held by the Commission without action until the fees are paid, and can even end up resulting in a license cancellation in cases where the failure is a long-term unresolved issue. The public notice also makes clear that fees can only be paid by electronic transfer of funds.

    Question Of The Week: September 1, 2017

    September 1, 2017 What new songs that you’ve heard recently do you think will make a big impact going into the fall?   Alex Tear, Y100 / iHeartMedia Miami: Jonathan Shuford, WRVW: The next PINK single is going to be Read More …

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