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    Vice President of CRISTA Media — CRISTA Media — Seattle WA

    CRISTA Ministries. Where faith meets vocation.


    When The Client Insists on Voicing The Radio Commercial

    Radio station salespeople, creative directors, and producers face this all too often: clients who insist on voicing their own radio commercials. Some business owners do an excellent job of talking into a microphone. Many…most…do not


    The Day Jay Thomas Shocked Me by What He Did in Public

    I didn’t know Jay Thomas very well, but I did know him for a long time. He subscribed to my radio comedy service back when he was a jock at WAYS/Charlotte. I saw him make the jump from Charlotte to New York City, then to Power 106/Los Angeles. At a radio convention in Dallas, however, I realized he had a unique quality as a performer. Jay was on a panel that I moderated.

    Two Recorded Versions of Photography Studio Radio Commercial Script

    On Friday I posted an original radio commercial script that can be used by local photography studios . The script is one of many from the Radio Advertising Advantage “Bonus” section.

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